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We are constantly looking to develop our offer and provide yet more opportunities for all our young people to lead safe, happy and purposeful lives, contributing economically and socially to society. Below are some of the activities currently available to our young people – everyone chooses their own individual timetable to enable them to work towards their personal goals.

Water and Wildlife


The young people attend Oldham Leisure Centre for an hour of enjoyable activities such as water polo, snorkelling, floats and, of course, swimming. The aim of this session is to encourage water safety and water confidence while having fun and keeping fit.

Outdoor Activities

The session is aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle through walking and outdoor activities. We visit various parts of Oldham including Alexandra Park, Chadderton Hall Park, Daisy Nook, Dovestone Reservoir, Tandle Hill, Leesbrook, and Strinsdale. We learn about road safety and stranger danger as well as accessing the park, football and wildlife walks.

World of Work


We explore young people’s interests, qualities, talents and employment aspirations and encourage them to think about their future. The aim of the employment session is to support our young people in strategies to use when finding a job. We explore the different types of employment our young people are interested in and show them how to find out what is available. Our Job Action Groups help with the creation of a tailor-made CV for each young person with a specific focus on their skills and aspirations. We also explore how to find a job, write a covering letter, complete an application form, and teach interview techniques and how to best present themselves when looking for a job.

The Enterprise Zone


The aim of the session is to introduce the concept of working in a business and develop young people’s understanding of their own skills and the skills of those around them. The session gives the young people the opportunity to create and run their own business from creating a brand identity to marketing, taking orders, manufacturing items and then selling the finished products. The activity is designed to build on employability skills and to give the young people a taste of the day to day working of a business.

Valuing Our Differences and Celebrating Diversity


The session’s aim is to explore an interactive/sensory environment through art and crafts activities based on the concept of ‘Valuing Our Differences and Celebrating Diversity’. The young people experience different festivals and holidays from around the world, access different customs and cultures that they may not be familiar with and celebrate the diversity and differences in us all.

Wheels for All


The all-inclusive cycling sessions are open to all the young people at New Bridge Horizons and are designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle. With over 30 different adapted cycles, there really is something for everyone. The Wheels for All initiative is a nationally recognised programme that embraces all young people and adults with disabilities and differing needs and allows them to engage in a quality cycling activity. By using specially adapted cycles, the activities are both physically and mentally stimulating and above all fun for everyone involved. The cycle sessions are enjoyable exercise in the beautiful surroundings of Alexandra Park, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of cycling in a sociable environment.

Expanding Horizons


The aim of the session is to give our young people greater independence by promoting choice, rights and independence. The activity is built around communication and the use of different technology. We use computers, projectors, ipads, switches, intellikeys keyboards and numerous different software packages to develop our young people’s communication skills. Through these immersive interactive sessions we aim to expand the young people’s choices and independence and enable them to develop their life skills.

Community Access

Again, this session aims to give our young people greater independence by promoting choice, rights and independence. The activity is built around accessing their wider community and we travel across Greater Manchester, accessing places of interest such as libraries, galleries, museums, shopping centres, community centres, cafes, restaurants and cinemas. Through accessing their local facilities our young people have the opportunity to interact with people within their community, behave appropriately and make choices.


This is a fun all-round session with a specialist dance teacher who joins us twice a week. She has a teaching qualification and is highly motivating for the young people who attend this session – although this is a fitness activity it is jam-packed with fun. The dance routines are taught in an exciting manner that really engages our young people while improving their wellbeing and fitness.

Hair and Beauty

This session is based around social interaction between peers while covering some of the activities relating to looking after our bodies. These include washing, drying and styling hair and caring for our nails and feet. Basic make up is also covered, in addition to bathing or showering programmes for those young people who require support with this.


This session covers a variety of aspects from weeding, planting and routine garden maintenance to basic DIY. We have created Christmas blocks, Mother’s Day planters and basic woodwork projects. There are a range of tools used in a safe but enjoyable manner that enable our young people to learn safety while creating things they can keep and take home.

Free choice

Choosing is a skill that some young people require support with and having a session that is dedicated to free time while incorporating choice, social interaction, turn taking, waiting and friendships is vitally important. This session aims to maintain and enhance these skills in a fun manner that keys into the young person’s interests. We run a variety of activities during this time that our young people can access, giving them greater choice and control.

Expanding Horizons

Community Volunteering

This session aims to give our young people experience of providing help and assistance to other communities within our area, gaining social inclusion and a sense of achievement. We provide community services to residential care homes, places of worship and charities and we have carried out small projects to help maintain premises, gardens and assist with jumble sales and luncheon clubs.

Hospital Admin and Trolley Run

Although this is part of New Bridge Horizons, the young people engaged in this area are based at the Royal Oldham Hospital five days a week.

Admin is a vital part of the hospital and our group carry out a variety of admin tasks such as collecting, sorting and delivering leaflets and photocopying and creating booklets. The trolley run is part of the hospital shop and our young people stock the trolley and visit the different hospital wards selling confectionary, newspapers and magazines.

The group is split between the two roles and the young people may choose to work within one specific role or across both departments. Each of these roles enable the young people to work on a variety of skills such as following instructions, using equipment safely, money skills, appropriate behaviour and health and safety skills.


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