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Hi all, I am pleased to say we have made the decision to reopen Horizons next week on a phased return. The decision has been taken on the grounds that, although still high, the number of cases in Oldham has stayed the same this week following the big drop the week before and also because we have been able to change the number of ‘bubbles’ I talked about last week.

Last week I talked about having 2 bubbles within Horizons, due mainly to the layout of the building. However, following a rethink and using different rooms and floors, we can now create 4 separate bubbles. This will create smaller groups and mean that if anybody does show symptoms, a smaller number of people will be affected. We will then review these arrangements weekly and, if everything is going well, we will increase the number of days we can offer.

On arrival, we are asking you to call us on 0161 883 2403 when you are in the car park so that a member of staff can meet you at the door. This will help to maintain the bubbles and also to make sure that social distancing guidelines can be kept to where possible. All staff will be working to a detailed risk assessment and set of protocols to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.

Your key worker should have been in touch with you already to inform you of your days next week.

We are also looking at the safest and best way for our new service users to start attending over the coming weeks and we will be contacting them to keep them updated.

I look forward to seeing you all next week!

Take care,



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