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Our young people at Horizons seem to have spent most of the week out and about!

Shelley’s group have been having a wonderful time – they’ve enjoyed their visits to Tandle Hill..

..and the park..

..and they had a lovely time celebrating Elliot’s birthday..

Hayley’s group have also been very busy – too busy having fun to take lots of pictures but they do have some to share! They really enjoyed joining in with the students at the Learning Centre on Thursday when the band Kabantu from Live Music Now came in to play for them (you will be able to find out more about that in the New Bridge blog here).

They have been getting messy in fruity tea bags (yes, that IS a thing!)..

They have been to Ability Wheelz, enjoyed some sensory sessions and done lots of baking (of course)..

They have been busy making their Father’s Day cards and biscuits and enjoyed getting creative and decorating their room ready for the World Cup..

They have been on rebound sessions and enjoyed some ICT activities with everyone working well, making more of their own choices. We’re not sure whether Liam was trying to make himself comfy on Lisa’s knee or if he was just trying to get closer to the fridge..

Jeff’s group have been very busy too, getting out to Kingsway Rochdale on the tram..

They stopped off at Pets at Home again since everyone enjoyed seeing the rabbits..


..and the dogs getting a shorty short haircut and wash plus a dry..

..but thankfully they didn’t come back with any new additions! They made time for a quick pit stop before heading back to Horizons on the tram..

They’ve been out on local community access to Oldham town centre, the library and Ability Wheelz..

On the rare occasions they’ve stayed in the building, they’ve enjoying dance, foot spa and working on their Father’s Day cards..

The World Cup wall is ready to go with Alex running the board with help from the Horizons young people..

Emma’s group have been working hard on the trolley run at First Choice Homes..

They’ve also made some beautiful Father’s Day cards but we don’t want to spoil the surprise by showing you the pictures now! We can show you their cooking session, although as you can imagine, the pasta and salad didn’t last long (can you tell they’re rather fond of cheese?)!

The group are also hoping to take part in the ‘Cycling Colour Blast’ being organised by Ability Wheelz on 25th July – look out for letters coming home soon!

We hope you have a lovely week!

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