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This week we are following Emma’s group to find out what our young people have been up to – a word of warning though, you may need a rest by the end!

They started off with a trip into Manchester city centre on the tram..

They stopped off to enjoy a spot of lunch..

..before they discovered a giant grabber game filled with chocolate digestive nibbles!

..although we don’t think any made it back to Medtia! On Wednesday they managed to avoid the worst of the weather when they went shopping for ingredients for their cooking session, taking shelter from the rain with a nice cup of tea..

In the afternoon they set to work and made some delicious veggie pizzas from scratch..

..and reluctantly paused their game to polish off their hard work..

They really enjoyed this week’s trolley run over at First Choice Homes..

..before heading off out once again, this time on the tram to Shaw..

..and yes, they did manage to find another cafe there!

They have also been working hard at Dr. Kershaw’s..

..practising their living skills back at the centre..

..and burning off yet more energy with their popular dance session..

The group have now discovered the new sensory room at Oldham Library and they love it!

We’re glad they’ve got the Bank Holiday weekend to recover – we don’t think they’ve stopped all week!

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