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Hayley’s group at the Learning Centre have lots of great activities to share with you all! They have had some very messy art sessions focusing on creating their Outer Space theme..

Rochelle really seemed to enjoy the group messy play session with shaving foam and water balls..

The group braved the rain and went to Ability Wheelz – a bit of water won’t stop them getting out and about..

They had a great time creating music based around Australia Day..

Neelam really enjoyed her pamper session and having her hair washed..

The group had fun baking Scottish shortbread for Burns Night..

..and Hooria got stuck into helping out with the clearing up and doing the washing..

Liam and Neelam really enjoyed visiting their friends at Medtia this week and joining in with their dance session (we’ve discovered the secret of the hats – Michael Jackson!!)..

Kirsty really enjoyed our Sherborne activity..

As you can see we have had a great month – no ‘January blues’ at Horizons!

Jeff’s group had a great bowling trip this week, with Dale winning yet again..

Of course they found time to quickly stop off at McDonald’s for a snack before heading back to Horizons..

Later in the week they enjoyed the Horizons dance session..

..before fitting in a trip to another of their favourite haunts, KFC..

Emma’s group decided to make their own lunch, heading off to buy their ingredients first and treating themselves to a cup of tea on the way back..

..before getting down to business..

..and making their own delicious tomato soup!

They were absolutely delighted by how popular it proved to be – everyone had some!

They also welcomed a new recruit to the trolley run at First Choice Homes – Mia was really nervous but, as you can see, she did a brilliant job..

We hope you have a wonderful week!

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