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The young people at Horizons have been having a lovely time. Hayley’s group have celebrated yet more birthdays..

They’ve enjoyed plenty of relaxation and pampering, getting musical in the ILS and generally having lots of fun with their friends..

The group have had a lot of fun baking and making bread..


..getting wonderfully messy in the process, of course..

The young people have also really enjoyed their sessions at Ability Wheelz..

..as have Jeff’s group, taking advantage of the weather which has been on their side for a welcome change..

The dance session in the studio is proving increasingly popular..

..as are the Art sessions..

Jeff’s group have been out in the community, taking public transport out to Chadderton to stock up in Asda..

..before heading into Oldham town centre in the afternoon where they just happened to stop off for a quick snack..

They found time for a spot of DIY too, keeping the site tidy..

Asda seems to have been a popular destination this week, with Emma’s group paying a visit, although they ventured a bit further afield to Eastlands..

Gary’s group are keeping up with their culture and have been studying the work of artist Jackson Pollock. They had a wonderful Art session on Wednesday and had a great time creating their own masterpieces (even if they did end up closely resembling their creations!)..

We’re looking forward to seeing all the young people who have been away for the Summer and catching up with everyone’s news. We hope you have a lovely weekend!


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