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Well, this week I have spent most of my time over at school with Shrek, Donkey, Lord Farquaad, Princess Fiona and the other fairytale creatures! It really has been a pleasure to rehearse with the young people from across the Group – we have over 65 talented performers all geared up to take part in the four shows next week! The production is looking and sounding fantastic but, of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing team of over 30 staff who will be supporting the young people both on and off stage next week. A special thank you to Mrs Preston, Mrs Pilgrim, Mrs Sheehy, Mr Thompson, Miss Sylvester and Mrs Brierley who have been working on the show for months to ensure that it is a huge success and an enjoyable experience for our young people. A true team effort on what is going to be our biggest New Bridge production in 11 years! Have a little look at some of these rehearsal pictures to see what we have been getting up to..


IMG_6281 IMG_6280 IMG_6257 IMG_6258

Over at Medtia Square this week our Future Finders had their last working day at the Link Centre café. They were presented with a card and lots of lovely sweets by the manager of the Link Centre and it was great to see the young people interacting with the public when I visited on Tuesday. They have become a part of the furniture over there and we look forward to placing more students at the Link Centre next term. Preparations are now underway for our farewell coffee morning in a couple of weeks to say ‘thank you’. Invitations have gone out to all our dedicated employers across Oldham who have hosted students this term – this project wouldn’t be possible without them and their fantastic support.

At New Bridge Horizons our young people have particularly enjoyed their weekly dance sessions. As you can see, they certainly know how to strut their stuff and very much enjoyed being given the opportunity to ‘freestyle’ in Tuesday’s class..

21.6.16 Dance Gp 21.6.16 Dance Gp2

They have also had a great time at Ability Wheelz and this week they welcomed Bradley for a taster – he will be joining Emma’s group next month and from the smile on his face we think he’ll have no problem settling in!

IMG_6282 IMG_6286

The weather was lovely and the park was busy with park keepers cutting the grass and planting flowers. This cycling session is the highlight of the week for many of our young people (and staff!) and it makes all the difference when the weather is good..

21.6.16 WFA Beanie Gp 21.6.16 WFA ES Gp 21.6.16 WFA jr Gp2 21.6.16 WFA jr Gp3 21.6.16 WFA jr Gp4 21.6.16 WFA MB Gp IMG_6285IMG_6287 IMG_6284

Jeff’s group have also been out into the community this week when they travelled over to Spindles Shopping Centre for lunch. They were faced with broken escalators and busy lifts but they coped brilliantly with the changes and were very warmly received by the fantastic staff in the Gregg’s café.

22.6.16 Comm Activity jre 22.6.16 Comm Activity2 jre 22.6.16 Comm Activity3.jre 22.6.16 Comm Activity4.jre

Emma’s group continue to work hard at the school polytunnel and although I got caught in torrential rain today, I managed to nip in and see some of the progress they have made! It won’t be long until we can purchase fruit and veg from them..

IMG_6271 IMG_6273 IMG_6275 IMG_6276

Gary’s group continue to thrive at Dr Kershaw’s and as the placement is going so well at their town centre shop, the young people have now been asked to do additional days at two other shops across the borough! Well done to you all, this is a testament to your hard work and professionalism.

I’m afraid that this is a slightly shorter blog than usual as I have been at school for the majority of the week but I will be sure to keep you updated next week on what we have been up to at Medtia and how the four performances of Shrek went! Have a lovely weekend,

Daniel Wood
Future Finders Manager

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