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Well, this has been another non-stop week at Medtia Square, full of visits and tours! Word is getting out about our fantastic new town centre campus and we are getting a lot of interest from families and young people who may be considering accessing our provision from September. John Holland, manager of Horizons, has been busy meeting with families who may be interested in joining us in the near future – we are looking at a huge intake of up to 30 new young people coming to us at Horizons by the end of 2016. Our outstanding, personalised offer is extremely attractive to young people and their families, and our new facilities and the location of our building are an additional advantage for many of them. This growth will mean taking on new staff in the near future which will enable us to offer even more exciting activities and opportunities across Oldham.

This week we have also held an assessment day for Future Finders to give next year’s potential students the chance to come along to see the building and take part in a number of work-based tasks related to possible placements. From filing in alphabetical order to identifying health and safety signs, the young people worked really hard and were all extremely excited about accessing the course from September..

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We will be sending out letters next week to inform students if they have been successful in gaining a place on the course. A huge thank you to our ‘Horizons Helpers’ who helped create some resources for the day and also to my fantastic team of job coaches who have worked really hard in planning and facilitating the open days for Future Finders and also Bridging the Gap over the past week.

Our current Future Finders students are now approaching the end of their placements and we are looking at where they will go next term and what their destination will be after the course. We are really looking forward to supporting our students into employment and volunteering over the coming months, as they are always a credit to themselves (and to us!) and are doing a fantastic job!

At Horizons this week, Emma’s group have had an active time out in the community. The young people coped brilliantly in a new visit to Oldham town centre to do some shopping as part of their life skills work..

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They have also accessed activities at Wheels for All and the swimming pool at OCL. They continue to settle into Medtia Square and our staff are working extremely hard to create new exciting experiences for them all..

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Gary’s group have completed their history display this week and, as promised, here’s the final mural..


It’s fantastic!! Our premises team will be putting it up at the main school site next week. Well done to you all, brilliant teamwork..


The group really enjoyed a visit to Oldham library this week (nice and convenient to get to now!), the young people loved the new facilities there including interactive displays – I am sure that they will be back there very soon!

image3 image4

Next week the young people will be beginning their inductions at Dr Kershaw’s charity shops. They will find out about how the shops raise valuable funds and will learn how to work safely in the shop and how to prepare and price items for sale. We are expecting their placements to start the week after Easter!

Jeff’s group have once again been getting active and creative this week! They have produced some fantastic art work for Easter which they will be bringing home, and they have once again enjoyed activities at Wheels for All and our local parks, not to mention developing some dance moves of their own a bit closer to home – check out some of their pictures..

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Our Digit4ll and Lumenus pathways will be starting their weekly sessions here at Media Square after the Easter Holidays. We have had a new suite of computers installed today for Digit4ll, and I spent some time with Lumenus yesterday to tell them all about our big summer school production which this year will be ‘Shrek’! They are all extremely excited and can’t wait to get started! I am really looking forward to working with the Performing Arts team on this show, although with over 80 young people due to appear on stage, I have to confess that I am already a ‘donkey on the edge’!!

This will be my last blog for a few weeks as I am off to America for Easter. I would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter break and I look forward to updating you on our work here at Medtia Square in a few weeks’ time.

Many thanks,

Daniel Wood
Future Finders Manager

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