04 May

Hi everybody, hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Firstly, a thank you to Dan and Callum for showing off their musical talents and to the staff for the the videos they have done to show you how much we are all missing you.

I look forward with hope to the coming week that we will hear some good news about the possibility of a start to a phased reopening of the country from the Government. Depending on what is said, we can then hopefully start to plan a reopening of Horizons over the coming weeks. Closed work is still going on in the background and this week I will be attending a video link directors meeting with the main agenda item being when can we reopen safely. I will keep you informed of any relevant decisions.

Now I’ll hand you over to our very own Dan working his magic on the drums..

..and our lead singer Callum..

Not to be outdone, the staff have pulled together their own contribution to make you all smile..

..and our Key Worker Emma got rather carried away ..

Just in case you missed the staff’s earlier message, here it is again..

Thank you again for your patience and support in these hard times.

Keep safe and from all at Horizons, we hope to see you soon.

Head of Centre